Club Documents

Here are some documents related to the Club and its membership procedures.

Club Map

Updated 9/2014

Find lot numbers and streets in the club.

Membership Guidelines

Updated 7/2021

Membership guidelines for new members.

SCC Burning Rules

Updated 4/2020

Restrictions on burning on Club property. 

SCC Schedule of Fines

Updated 1/2022

Schedule of fines, fees and
interest rates.

Ground Rules

Updated 5/2020

Rules for every member and visitor to the club.

SCC Standing Rules

Updated 11/2022

Rules related to member and visitor responsibilities.

SCC Tree Cutting Rules

Updated 10/2022

Club and county permit requirements.

Forest Stewardship

Updated 1/2012

How we plan and expect to care for our oasis.

Caretaker Duties

Updated 10/2021

Our wonderful caretaker helps us with these details.

SCC Harassment Policy

Updated 10/2016

Policy that promotes equality.

Web Publishing

Members that wish to post to
this website